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 "I heard the Whoopi show on
  the radio this morning and
  I`m very impressed with
  your gift."
- Martha  

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"This meditation will help you experience inner peace and healing"

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Lifestyle Makover Program

Everyone possesses it...

Only a few people utilizes it...

More than half of the population
would like to understand it...

Your future happiness depends on it.


Hello…I am Joan Marie, a Business and Personal Transformational Lifestyle Coach and I can give you a Lifestyle Makeover that will change your life!

This I can Guarantee

Joan Marie The Gift™ has the ability to read into your Soul and see the blueprint of your life. She is a gifted Medium, Intuitive Expert, and Past/Present Life Regression Expert. She has been blessed with her gifts since birth and has dedicated her life to assist others in recognizing their gifts. This is why people always refer to Joan Marie Whelan as the top Business Intuitive and a crisis manager utilizing her Intuition to assist YOU.

Joan Marie's Exclusive "Lifestyle Makeover" Program is designed to help you strategically map out how to fulfill your most desired needs, goals and wishes. "Lifestyle Makeover" is designed to accelerate your personal evolution and allow you to manifest your deepest desires with incredible mastery. Imagine spending the day with Joan Marie as she utilizes her Intuition to assist you in your key areas of life. This is for the extraordinary individual who wants to create a "Lifestyle Makeover" and truly live it. These programs are your answer. There is a map to follow for the "Lifestyle Makeover Program" that will allow you to get started. I invite you to move up to the next level of your personal development by choosing one of these programs. "I change lives" and I promise to work with you.
  • To help you map out the program that suits your heart’s desires

  • Attract into your life what you feel is lacking either in you professional or personal life

  • Discover your purpose in life as you finally give yourself what You want out of life.

I have the exact tools that you need!

A "Lifestyle Makeover" Program

Will help you…

  • Perform at a new and higher level of efficiency.

  • Stay on top of your defined goals and vision.

  • Deepen and maintain the relationship of your dreams.

  • Gain clarity in your personal and/or professional life.

  • Restore vitality and vigor in your life.

  • Move towards financial freedom.

"My day with Joan Marie was an enlightening and rewarding experience. The pivotal point was receiving a clear vision for my life and business. I spent the day discussing my consulting business and the people I was bringing into projects with me. Joan Marie guided me on how to be a better leader, strategist, and learn to trust myself and my team. I am implementing everyday our blueprint and it works."

Bob, Business Consultant, New Jersey

I offer 3 different Programs to meet your needs:

1~ One Day :: 6 Hour Program

  • Exclusively with Joan Marie Whelan, The Intuitive Expert

  • A one-on-one intensive day program to jump start your business andlife in a powerful motivational way as you gain clarity for your life - personal & professional.

  • Define your priorities…design your lifestyle change plan and set in motion your newly projected steps.

  • Let me help you create a forward motion towards the lifestyle you have always wanted but you did not know how to begin.

  • One ½ hour follow up call if needed within the next month.

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To set up Your FREE consultation with Joan Marie click here

2~ One Month Program

Exclusively with Joan Marie Whelan, The Intuitive Expert

Joan Marie will guide your steps and path one day at a time, one week at a time, for a 30 day period as you methodically map out the lifestyle that fits and suits your wants and desires.

  • This program allows 4 – two hour conference calls with Joan Marie each week

  • 2 – ½ hour emergency calls or a challenging moment when you might feel stuck. Emergency e-mail access with 48 hour response time.

  • 2 – ½ hour follow up calls if needed within the next month

"Dear Joan,

"When I was first asked by Joan Marie to be a part of the 5-month Intuitive Program, I thought to myself 'How cool!' and immediately read the hand out I was given searching for a price tag. There it was! On the back page, a sticker for nearly $5000 dollars. I didn't see at the time how I was going to come up with that sort of money, for at that moment I didn't even have enough money in my bank account to buy groceries. I am an able bodied, intelligent man, but somehow got myself into these swing cycles of abundance and scarcity."

"I remember very clearly the day I called Joan Marie to tell her that I would love to join the group, but I was going to pass, as I simply did not have enough green. She straight out said 'baloney!' and proceeded to take the time to explain to me where I needed to be, how I was causing this scarcity myself and how I really needed to do this program as I could stop these extreme swing cycles. She was so right! Today I am one month strong into the program and my income level has jumped to new levels. Not only have I now paid off the program in full, I am making in excess of my living expenses, affording me the opportunity to save money for my dream lifestyle just down the road! There are many angels in watching over us, and there are two right here in our own backyard! Thank you Joan Marie 'Mom' and Joan Marie Whelan. Many blessings to you both and from the bottom of my heart, the warmest, sincerest gratitude!"


Stephen Michael Baldonado

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3~ Six Month Program

Exclusively with Joan Marie Whelan, The Intuitive Expert

The benefits of working with Joan Marie for six months

  • Above and beyond developing your blueprint, I will be guiding your journey on a continual basis as you implement your blueprint and chart your course

  • Stuff happens and blockages from past experiences surface, I will show you how to permanently remove them so you can move forward in your life

  • I am your coach, your support system for the six month period as I guide you into creating your greatness

  • After you have learned how to remove the emotional blockages, you are ready to have your life’s purpose unfold so you can fulfill your destiny and strengthen your power

  • I can take you to a 7 figure income – if you are working with me creating a business or taking your business to new heights.

  • I can assist you to live an extraordinary life!

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To set up Your FREE consultation with Joan Marie click here

eagle soaring

Learn to Soar with the Eagles

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl


Read The Experiences of Others

I cannot thank you enough for a fabulous Lifestyle Makeover day and a life changing process. I have been "processing" for a couple of days and took time off just as you suggested, but continued to write.

I do have to share with you that on Sunday, I was going through "cravings" for your company. It was a bit like I guess you really did recharge my batteries! Thank you!

I am doing my homework and today started to outline chapters for my book. HA! See the beginnings of your inspiration? I also picked up Jack Welch's book and have been reading voraciously...excellent suggestion. So the journey has begun! I told my Virtual Assistant that I'm on "pause" and asked if she were willing to hang in with me and she said not only hang in but would be available to brainstorm anytime I needed it! I simply cried...what a gift this was to me. And all because of YOUR gift to my life! Thank you!!!
You're simply the best!

Chris Makell MS, CPC, PDC Physician Leadership Strategist

Cancellation Policy: 72 hour notice is required to re-schedule an appointment unless it was an extreme emergency. There are no refunds on missed or cancelled appointment. We will gladly re-schedule an appointment as soon as possible according to Joan Marie's availability.

We have no cancellation policy for any programs after the first 72 hours that you sign up and or make payment. If you choose to withdraw from any program after the initial 72 hours time frame, you forfeit all monies that you gave to Joan Marie Whelan and or her Company or MY Serenity House,LLC

All products are checked prior to being shipped.

All product lines are exchangable if damaged upon receipt, otherwise, all sales are final. If you accidentally ordered the wrong product, we will work with you so you are satisfied. You must first call the office at (941)-954-9001 to receive authorization to return any merchandise or program. Please Note: There is a $30.00 service fee on all cancellations and/or returns or credit card declines and the shipping and handling fee will not be reimbursed.

Defective Items: If an item you receive is damaged or defective in any way, we will be glad to replace it. Call us at (941)-954-9001 between 10am and 4pm EST Time or send an email to [email protected] so we can coordinate returning your defective item and delivering a replacement.