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So many people don't look at their bodies as a gift. They spend too much time criticizing and judging their bodies and complaining because they are too skinny-too fat-too wrinkled or has the wrong shape. We have the gift of our six senses; which I am sure most of us take for granted; these gifts are utilized daily yet we fail to recognize them. They are the gift of sight, smell, hearing, feeling, tasting and, of course, intuition.

Maybe it is time to slow down and reflect on the gifts that you enjoy each and every day so that you can empower yourself to make right choices and heal your life. It would benefit you greatly to begin to become consciously aware of how you are utilizing your God given gifts. .

PRACTICE: Using your senses to appreciate the gifts that we take for granted, such as, our ability to smell a beautiful flower or the aroma of a good meal or bread being baked. Hearing the cry of a newborn child or the purr of a kitten is often taken for granted; feeling the touch of love or giving a hug to the one you care about is too often treated as the norm yet these are all traits that help you empower yourself daily and heal yourself from hurt, pain or feelings of not being worthy or loved. Your ability to listen to beautiful music or hear the soft rain on your roof as it relaxes you and calms your nerves is something that is small and simple yet can enable you to decompress and unwind. Possibly when you see the joy of a child taking his first steps or seeing the power of the ocean's waves as they rush to the shore will bring warmth to your heart as you appreciate those experiences with conscious awareness. Do you ever pay attention to your gut feeling because it might be a warning sign that is intended to caution you? All of these are empowering attributes that make us who we are today and they have the ability to help us heal our lives and release stress.

We take our bodies for granted and we assume that our life here on Earth has meaning but does it really? Ignorance is not bliss! I believe it is time for each one of us to change our perception as to what matters in our lives and start to believe, feel and see that we all are, indeed, blessed in many various ways. Maybe you need to count the ways that you are blessed today? It is never too late to learn and grow so that you can empower yourself in many diverse ways. Self-empowerment is a wonderful gift that one gives to his or her self because it allows you to take back control over your life, possibly redirect your pathway and seek out the best direction for you to journey in order to experience your successes.

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April 10th, 2017

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