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I hope you do not think this is a silly question! I believe it is time for you to put "Self" back into the equation of your life. Our lives go by too quickly and unfortunately we, too often, ignore our personal needs. I believe if we want to heal our lives, it is time to slow down and feel into the beauty of your life and what makes you 'you'. Life has a way of getting our attention even if we are not aware of it, such as, getting the flu, not paying attention to your driving and backing up into another car, forgetting to pay a bill on time, forgetting a special occasion. I am sure you have had one or two such experiences that stopped you short long enough to get your attention and make you think.

I believe that everything happens for a reason--we do not simply have accidents or good luck. All experiences are learning lessons and can also be wake up calls. So before it is too late, I encourage you to slow down and reflect on the various ways that you can do something just for yourself; that, my friends can be the first step in helping you learn how to heal your life.

PRACTICE: Random Acts of Kindness on Yourself. Possibly if you pay attention to your breathing, you will notice how it calms you down and helps you feel into the moment. Many people take coffee or tea breaks during the workday but how about taking a self-reflection break so you can remind "you" to slow down your energy level long enough to allow your 5 senses to recall who you actually are--a part of the Divine.

Be aware--Be alert--Be kind to yourself and your body, mind and spirit will reciprocate in kind. That is one of the key secrets to learning how to heal your life.

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April 3rd, 2017

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