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We each are born with the gift of intuitive abilities that when fine-tuned, will enable us to receive the abundance that the Universe wants us to manifest; that is, the abundance of wealth, health, happiness, success, relationships, careers, and whatever it is our hearts desire. Ideally you are your own intuitive expert because no one knows you and your heart like you!

If you want to truly know what to do, how to proceed or what decision you should make about a life challenges or opportunity, you can learn how to perfect your intuitive voice so it will show you the way to travel. Everything is within your power but once again, you are the one who must understand its voice and learn to cultivate it. If you do not know how to interpret it, you will miss the message.

PRACTICE inviting your inner voice, your gut feelings, your natural intuitive talents into your daily life! Learn how to make the distinction between the noise pollution in your mind and your intuition so you can begin to recognize and understand your authentic inner voice that is continually offering you words of wisdom and guidance.

The Universe knows the right path and has the solutions for you to choose if you want to achieve the life that you are destined to live. When you let go of your egocentric thinking and begin listening to what your soul is revealing, you will truly become your own intuitive expert.

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April 4th, 2016

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