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If you have no idea what I am speaking about, let me explain. Some people say they have a sacred place in their home where they can unwind, remove stress from their mind and feel content; others call it a stress-free zone. Whatever the title you give to your special place, it all comes down to finding a physical space for yourself that will offer you some quiet moments, solace and most of all a place where you can be one with your Creator as you surrender to inner peace.

It is wonderful to create an environment that will allow you to relax without being distracted and where you can unwind and reinforce whatever thoughts, feelings or activities that have been surfacing in your daily life. A quiet place that feels special for you is not only healthy for your mind and body but will help you to heal your life as you connect more frequently with a sense of inner peace.

PRACTICE makes perfect in life! Creating a sacred, stress-free-zone for yourself in your home should be a priority for you. Make it a wonderful habit to enjoy this private area where you can feel whole, complete, safe and filled with inner peace. When you do, you will not only benefit from the tranquility and beauty that you have brought into this space but you will reap the rewards too. There are many ways to heal your life and this practice is definitely one of the key ways.

I have found that I cherish my private moments with myself where I connect with the Divine within me and share my inner most thoughts. This practice allows me to pay attention to my health, improve my vitality and boost up my energy field as I take steps to heal my life and invite inner peace into my life. I find this encounter to be beautiful!

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August 22nd, 2016

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