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In my career as a life coach, I have met many people who when asked had no idea what their life's purpose is and they actually looked puzzled when asked. Please don't tell me, you take care of your Mom, Dad or Children because that is not your purpose, it may be your responsibility or job or sense of duty. We all seek meaning and purpose for different reasons and in a different way, but what I really want to know is what gives you joy and lights up your heart? What really matters deeply to you?

PRACTICE gaining a deeper meaning into what gives your life meaning. You can do it! Coach yourself to discover your authentic self. What is it that sustains you, that feeds your soul and makes you feel whole, content and at peace with yourself and the world? Is it the beauty of nature, enjoying friendships and building a healthy connection with others? Possibly it is feeling the freedom to simply be happy being you?

Spiritual freedom, emotional freedom, physical well-being are all experiences that bring meaning to my life. They sustain me, allow me to be happy and content being myself as they, most of all, offer me the bliss that material things cannot. As a life coach I have spent many hours meditating on what really brings joy to my life and those experiences have brought me great self-revelations.

I encourage you, too, to take the time for self-reflection and self-coaching for your life. Not only is it freeing but it also will help you release some much needed stress, tension and toxicity from your body. That is when your coping skills will improve and you will be better prepared to maintain a positive outlook.

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August 28th, 2017

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