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Summer is coming to an end and some people are feeling the glow fade all too quickly as they return to their work and daily routine. School is starting and the relaxing days of summer are coming to an end. So what can you do to help you get back in the groove without feeling excessive pressure or work demands?

We can, of course, start planning another holiday or excursion for the future but that may not be practical for many of you. My suggestion to you is to create a new mindset that will help you to tap into those built-up resources like resilience and flexibility. As a life coach and relationship expert, I know only too well how many individuals take themselves out by short circuiting their emotional state of mind. Life needs balance! We, as part of the life experience need to plan ahead and schedule our time so that we allow fun and laughter into our lives- that is balance!

PRACTICE learning how to cultivate the attribute of being a strong person who is encouraging resilience skills which include being able to adapt to new and different experiences. Some ideas that might be helpful for you are:

  1. Set time aside each week for an activity that energizes you and makes you feel happy and free. When you put 'you' into your schedule, you begin to feel rejuvenated, supported and valued. That is Good!

  2. Physical activity programs also improves your mental health as it also reduces stress and tension in the body and that is Good!

  3. Coach yourself to good mental health! Build your resilience and become more flexible with you. Even if you are a type A personality, before you become ill, make time for you. Become your own relationship expert and start building a healthy relationship with that little girl or boy inside of you who is crying out to be nurtured and loved.

  4. Become more consciously aware of what is causing your stress, your disconnect! A good coach is a blessing and when you decide to become your own life coach, you will begin to explore some healthy strategies that will enable you to build resilient thinking. A sound mind, body and spirit is your ultimate goal. Like in all relationships, you are continually asking the question: "What is working well in my relationships?" As a relationship expert I want you to know that this is the time to empower yourself to be the healthiest person you can be, so why not start today and begin to explore ways to strengthen your mental health?

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August 7th, 2017

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