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Everything that exists is energy. There is both good and bad energy in the world and it also exists in our bodies. In the world today, most people rely on science, logic and rationality to determine how their life is to be lived. For those individuals who pay attention to the subtle messages that their body and spirit is sharing, they usually live with less emotional trauma and disabilities because they are more prone to tap into their Higher Self.

Leading a spiritual life does not mean that you give up your material belongings and comforts or live within the walls of a cloister. Quite the contrary, it actually means that you are more aware of your surroundings and the way you want to live your life. It enables you to be more conscious of your purpose and function while experiencing this Earthly journey and it also allows you to hear more clearly the messages and intuitive feelings that are being revealed to you on a continual basis. A greater sense of serenity and inner peace are the results of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

PRACTICE cultivating higher consciousness. Recognize the dark side of life for what it is. Become more of the observer of the world around you and not so much the participant. Reserve your positive energy to nurture and heal your mind and physical body and daily reserve a minute or two for your self-fulfillment. Read words of wisdom that will inspire you and your attitude about your involvement in your life, and increase your knowledge about your personal ability to heal and release all that no longer serves you. Remember your real freedom can only be enjoyed when you truly know yourself.

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December 14th, 2015

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