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Most of us know that our beliefs direct our actions and ultimately our outcome. So why do we hold on to our limiting beliefs when we know that they are not constructive? The answer lies in the nature of our consciousness. Most of us believe that life simply happens to us so what is the use for trying to change. We get these beliefs hammered into our conscious mind every day. The result is that our consciousness gets imprinted daily with the same message of our old limiting beliefs so the cycle continues to go round and round.

Beliefs are the Blueprints of what will manifest in your life. It is most important to learn to identify the negative beliefs that play a role in the blueprint of your reality.

PRACTICE: Writing down all those thoughts that are stopping you from reaching your goals. Then create some positive belief statements that will support what you want to create. Do this practice often and consciously because it will definitely change your thinking and open the windows of your mind to help you manifest for your life what you desire.

I invite you to take a step back and consider an honest and truthful look at how you view a particular issue that seems to be holding you back from achieving your success or desired outcome. Examine the limitations that surround that belief and then move to the other side and give yourself a winning argument that will counter act that negative belief. As you develop a positive mental attitude, you will soon realize that you are also cultivating a new positive habit from which you can and will begin to manifest for your life, one glorious step at a time.

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December 5th, 2016

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