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Every single person is born with the desire to be happy but that desire is short circuited by the programming and conditioning that we receive from birth by our heritage, our government, our education and society as a whole.

We have not been taught the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and how it works. We find something that is broken and we replace it with something better or we blame someone else for what doesn't work because it appears as though they are the cause of our poor results. These beliefs unfortunately have led us to a society of self-centered, irresponsible and calculated people who have lost their sense of responsibility, obligation and duty to themselves first and others second.

PRACTICE: Seeking Inner peace and happiness from your spiritual connection with nature and not through purchasing material things that only contribute to stuff we don't need.

The peace and inner happiness that you seek comes from within you - your soul. From the beginning of time, all cultures and ancient wisdom have understood that man's inner craving can be satisfied when he dwells on his inner essence. Of course it is wonderful to surround yourself with stuff, but please do not allow the "Stuff" to become your god. Your true and pure state of happiness is a reflection of how you view your soul. If it is in conflict or despair, it is because your soul is unhappy and lacking.

You have the opportunity to fill your soul with compassion and love. Then the joy and happiness that you seek will overflow.

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December 8th, 2014

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