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Are you making the right choices for your life? After all life is all about choices and decisions and when made correctly for you, good things happen! We often view things as wrong or right, as good or bad and as beneficial or not but the truth is, your amazing life will be determined by your perception and how you view it. Do you make decisions based on what brings you joy, what satisfies your heart and what excites you daily? If not, why not?

PRACTICE having perseverance and courage to fuel your life with uplifting energy so you can fulfill your highest and best. Be conscious of how you view your life and your daily outcomes. Never feed into feeling like a victim or unworthy. Constantly bolster up your confidence, value your attributes and move past your disappointments. There is an amazing future right in front of you; however, you will not enjoy it in this lifetime if you refuse the precious gifts that have been placed right in front of you. Refuse to hold grudges and move past all those who are holding you back and try to belittle your worth. Give yourself a good reason to feel amazing and you will!

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February 15th, 2016

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