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Too often I have come across people who look at me and think that I am unusual because I don't take pills, medication or rely on outside forces to discipline or heal my life. The process of inner change requires inner work! That is the short and long of it! It is not enough to listen to the social media or news to get your correct perspective for your personal life. It is imperative that you spend time within your core, your inner being, your soul and then reflect on all that you are and all that you hope to become. My MOM's family has a history of many of the female's who have experienced various forms of cancer and most of them have died from that disease. My MOM, in her youth stated that she never wanted to get cancer and in her time of self-reflection and inner meditation, she received an answer: "You never have to get cancer in this lifetime, but what are you going to do, not to get it?"

That is the journey that she has been on for most of her life. It is a journey to heal her life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She has often shared that message with many of our clients and others over the years because she wanted people to realize that it requires discipline, energy and work to create the life that you choose to live. Again, I want to state: "The process of improved change in all of our lives requires inner work!"

PRACTICE turning within yourself to find the answers and solutions to your life’s situations! Seek out wisdom, knowledge and an inner connection with the Divine so you are better prepared to reach your desired end result, which is to heal your life in all areas.

Certainly there will be times when we are discouraged, in doubt and even feeling hopeless, but I am here to tell you that that is only the enemy trying to take you out and weaken your resolve. That is the time to draw on your inner strength, pull out those statements or words that will boost you up and get you back on track. This process is not easy but if your desire to change is strong, you will be able to push through your greatest challenges, develop new habits and heal your life in ways you never thought possible.

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February 20th, 2017

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