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The very best thing you can do for your life is to make the most of yourself! When you forget to move forward and only allow your thoughts to continue to stay on your old story, you will continually dwell on those things that lie behind you. That style of living causes you to live a life of mediocrity. If however, you are seeking to move towards your excellence then you must let go of your old ways and focus all of your energies on reaching towards what is coming into your future. It takes greater effort to discipline the mind and body to achieve excellence but the rewards are awesome.

New prospects cannot be built on old and bitter hurts and regrets. Living guilty and condemned will not release you from the chains that bind you. Freedom of spirit comes from joy and contentment.

PRACTICE learning how to let go of the past so you can excel in the future. Your response and your actions matter! Stop placing all your energy on the past and start thinking about your expectancy of a brighter tomorrow. You can only enjoy freedom of mind, body and spirit when you are ready to live in the present moment and prepare for your better tomorrow. Nothing will change in your life if you do not change. Focus your energies on moving forward. Release the past and remember that no one and nothing can offend you if you do not give them permission to enter into your thought process.

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February 22nd, 2016

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