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Old hurts, feelings and experiences will prevent you from moving forward. You are not defined by your past but rather prepared by it. Allow your past experiences to teach you some valuable life lessons so your vision becomes clear. Most of us are wrapped up in the pains of those past experiences that we become contaminated by them and as a result accidents and misfortunes continue to happen.

Don't let your failures and defeats cloud your vision for what you want to experience today. Old situations belong in your past. You may not have all the answers or understand all the 'whys' that something happens - that may be a mystery only for the eyes of God to comprehend. Sometimes it is better to leave what you don't understand alone and turn it over to your Higher Source.

PRACTICE using your energy to boost you up and propel you towards your better tomorrow. You cannot have your mind living in your yesterdays and expect to move forward. Understand the lessons of your life. Let the past go and keep walking! Hand your battles and past happenings over to the hands of God and let Him handle them for you. You can be pathetic or powerful but you cannot be both at the same time. Get rid of that negative baggage and be open to step into all the graces and blessings that are waiting in the wings for you to receive. You have new opportunities, new beginnings and new relationships that are waiting to be enjoyed by you but your old habits and ways are only holding you back and stopping you from realizing your highest and best.

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January 25th, 2016

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