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Does it really make a lot of difference to anyone when you complain? It probably only makes a difference to you, the complainer, but to those who are listening quietly and patiently, it doesn't! In truth nothing changes when you complain except your mental and physical reaction to it. If, however, you learn to voice your opinion in a productive and healthy manner, you will be more apt to get favorable results.

Research has shown that we complain more than ever before yet few of our complaints get us results. Instead, the more we repeat our tales of woe or dissatisfaction, the more upset we become and that in itself isn't good. If we choose to heal our lives and experience a real sense of inner peace, we would be better served to relax, calm down and clear our heads so we can more effectively find the right resolution. Inner peace can only be achieved in an environment that is devoid of stress and anxiety. Be conscious of the situation and attempt to put yourself in a healthier situation where you don’t make mountains out of molehills.

PRACTICE using a different approach to venting your frustration! Don't just vent to get things off your chest but rather attempt to seek out a solution so that you can create positive change. We all would rather live in a way that would enable us to heal our lives from stress and tension, so maybe it's time to slow down and breathe before you reach overload. If you need to share your feelings with a friend or life coach, do so but then be willing to listen to ways that might help you shift gears and find the inner peace that you have been seeking. Each one of us are equipped with the tools that will allow us to heal our lives and enjoy inner peace; however, we must be willing to see and accept change for what it is, and then, take responsibility to bring it into our energy field and make it happen.

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January 30th, 2017

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