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As we started this New Year, too many people think about resolutions and not enough about examining the process on how to make it work.

The key to success is your ability to understand your personal patterns on how you are setting yourself up. If you are not following through on what you need to do, you will never reach your destination. Life is a process and daily we need to recognize how we are either setting ourselves up to make it work or cause us to falter.

Learn from your experiences and build upon those experiences that allow you to grow and improve. Avoid those experiences that only create chaos and confusion.

PRACTICE conscious awareness concerning how to grasp your true purpose and identity. Either you are alert and aware of your limiting thoughts or beliefs or you are not in tune with where you are placing your attention on a regular basis. The point is what are you giving your power to? Find out your true direction so in this New Year of 2016, you will reap the benefits of your due diligence. This is the only way to heal and grow and allow true prosperity into your life.

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January 4th, 2016

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