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We all climb difficult mountains all the time which often leaves us feeling exhausted and often too weak to continue on; however, if we would only realize that when we place our faith and trust in our Heavenly Father, we actually set in motion a powerful force that has the ability to change our situation around and enable us to move towards a new reality. I have come to realize in my life that when I release all my worry, fear and stress to a Higher Source, I not only feel better but my psychology shifts and I relax and release all the tension, frustration and problems to a Force far more powerful than myself. This is the process where I begin to heal my life, one small step at a time. I often ask you to put on the hat of being your own life coach, which means that you should take responsibility for your behavior, your attitude and the environment in which you are finding yourself. As you begin to become your own life coach by telling yourself the value of placing your faith and trust in that Higher Source, you are actually empowering yourself to rise above your challenges.

PRACTICE becoming consciously aware of where you are placing your attention and how you are reacting to all adversities in your life! Empower yourself to take control of your emotional state! As your best life coach, you have the ability to shift your attention to a more positive mental state of mind. You can actually heal your life with words and an uplifting, positive mental outlook by changing your state of mind. To heal your life is an inside job! All healing starts on the inside of you and moves outwardly where it is recognized and acknowledged by others. I encourage you to take back control over your life by surrendering your problems to your Higher Source. Empower yourself today with a subtle shift in your mental attitude and awaken the true meaning of "You can heal your life!"

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July 17th, 2017

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