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The golden light of hope has been sought after since the beginning of time. We all look for it glimmering and even faint glow off in the distance and even the far reaches of our minds eye. We need hope in our lives because without it we give up and move into a state of depression, despair and/or anger. We continually seek support from outside sources which in itself is not bad; however, I would like to suggest that you start becoming your own life coach and take responsibility for your emotional state and life.

I have learned in my life through my work on myself and with others as a life coach that we all need to realize that having hope isn't a luxury but a necessity! We need it to help us stay centered and grounded as we constantly face struggles and challenging times.

PRACTICE learning how to nurture and cultivate your character as you continually prepare to strengthen your sense of hope. We've all seen it happen time and again in sports. One team is outperforming the other and it appears that the outcome is inevitable when all of a sudden the losing team gains momentum and makes a comeback. Our faces drop and we realize we just witnessed what appears to be a miracle. In our personal lives that same scenario can and does happen to many people of faith! We get saved by the bell, so to speak, by a helping hand or by an unforeseen encounter that changes our lives for the better.

Do you realize that no difficulty is too much to handle for our Creator? He has proven it to us time and again. I know that faith is a universal necessity and I coach myself about that truth all the time. When we believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that our Heavenly Father has our back, we can stand tall and offer a prayer of gratitude knowing that He will never let us down! We believe it in our heart and our soul. Maybe it's time for you to become consciously aware of living each day with hope in your heart. Remind yourself of this truth daily and as your own life coach, you will be making a positive contribution towards your self-improvement.

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July 24th, 2017

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