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For us Americans, the fourth of July commemorates our Independence Day! It is a time when our young 13 Colonies were legally separated from Great Britain. We fought for our freedom and we won! Unfortunately today I am afraid that too many of us have forgotten the real meaning of freedom and merely use this day to enjoy fireworks, parades, barbecues and baseball games. All these events are good in and of themself, but they should not take away from the importance of what this day represents. I believe we all seek to manifest in our lives rather than just live in mediocrity; we seek to tap into a wonderful state of inner peace instead of conflict and chaos. All those attributes are enjoyed because we have experienced that state of freedom. The freedom of speech, the freedom to grow and be successful, the freedom to worship, the freedom to own property, the freedom to express your opinion openly - these are the things we take for granted.

PRACTICE becoming aware of your state of mind and the reality that you enjoy daily yet take for granted. To truly manifest in your life and enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace requires you to live in awareness. Bring meaning into your life for the simple pleasure that we all experience. To enjoy inner peace means that you want to tap into the power of your soul and acknowledge it's healing attributes. To manifest in your life means that you are not only willing but determined to move away from the pack and become your own person. Be the one who chooses living a life where values and principles matter. Let that be the foundation of your existence.

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July 3rd, 2017

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