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In this fast paced world we are constantly comparing ourselves with others. We want to look better, become more prosperous and be higher paid just like our friends, associates and those whom we seem to connect with on a regular basis. Yet when thoughts and feelings of being envious start to creep into our world and we begin to occasionally begrudge others for what they have, we need to become aware of those feelings and address them immediately before they become dangerous and destructive to our personal well-being. The feelings that spark envy are usually those that focus on lack and insecurity.

PRACTICE saying to yourself: "I am unique and have much to offer the world." Now is the time to write down all those valuable and positive traits that makes you unique and different from everyone else and then start counting your blessings.

Free the mental and emotional chains of your mind and invite your heart and soul to inspire you and share all those areas of your life where you are uniquely you and special. Once you start to focus on your gifts and talents you stop becoming envious of other people.

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June 1st, 2015

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