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As an intuitive expert, I see the harmful results of negative thinking and behavior on the lives of many of my clients. We all have problems and challenges that sometimes take us out and greatly upset us but I want to tell you that in order to protect your inner core, your heart and soul you absolutely need to refuse to allow all the negative issues of your life to seep into the inside of you. It is too easy to internalize all the negative experiences that we encounter daily but if you permit negativity to penetrate your internal self, you open the door for sickness and disease to enter.

You have to protect your inner core! Offense, discouragement and discord are always knocking on our door. The intuitive expert in me is warning you that it's time for you to empower yourself and refuse to internalize those hurts and pains. How do you do it, you might ask?

PRACTICE filling your heart and soul with ONLY joy, love and a real sense of inner peace, in other words, refuse to be drawn into the dark side of life. Protect your inner self, guard your heart and soul and rise above the negative situations and chatter of the world. Simply put, don't let anyone or anything to destroy you, make you sick or weaken your health, that is mental health, physical health or emotional health.

One touch of God's favor can change your world. Stay in faith and continually nurture your sense of hope and be open to new possibilities. Then and only then can your Creator do His work to help you find the solution that will empower and improve you and your outcome. Say to yourself often that you refuse to allow the negativity of the world to contaminate you. Your Higher self, your gut feelings or call it your conscious awareness know the truth. That is all a part of becoming your own intuitive expert. When you pay attention to the messages that you receive daily, you will begin to know exactly what I am saying is true. It's time-don't you think?

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June 27th, 2016

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