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Refuse to accept the limitations that you were born into! The words, thoughts and beliefs that were handed to you by the limiting beliefs of others will set you up to live a life of compromise and mediocrity if you give into to its dictates. Don't accept defeat or the limiting beliefs of others! Refuse to settle and start to overhaul your mind, your beliefs to ignite your feminine intuition. Then go out and excel because there is potential inside of you that is waiting to be born. Don't allow the limiting environment of your past dictate your future. Each one of us have been given the gift of a higher consciousness, a gut feeling, your intuitive skills that tell you the truth and are ready to set you free, if you follow their direction.

PRACTICE becoming a barrier breaker by getting rid of your excuses! You can break through all your limiting beliefs by re-conditioning your mind and trusting that inner voice, your feminine intuition to guide your journey.

You are not limited by anything except your mind! Don't allow other's limiting thoughts to dictate your outcome. Men and women have made history all throughout the ages and have broken numerous barriers because they trusted their feminine intuition to show them a better way. Those individuals refused to believe in the limited beliefs of their predecessors and instead chose to break through and set a new standard in which others now follow their lead to take them further. Yes, it's time to get rid of your excuses and start taking a leap of faith to ignite your feminine intuition.

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June 6th, 2016

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