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Your mind is continually running in perpetual motion like the flittering of the Hummingbird. Just as you observe the thought or situation, your mind loses focus and moves in another direction. How much value are you placing on the power of your mind? If your answer is very little, then you are making a big mistake. If you seriously choose to transform your life by manifesting in your life, you will need to pay attention to this message.

It is through the power of our minds that we attract that which we want or do not want depending upon where we place our attention and focus. All of our thoughts are processed through the subconscious mind, which is connected with our inner intelligence. Where you consciously or subconsciously direct your thoughts will determine what you will manifest for your life. Do you understand this truth yet? If not, I strongly suggest you begin gathering knowledge and wisdom on this topic.

We are constantly attracting into our lives whatever it is that we are placing our attention on. Whether it is fear, anxiety and worry or abundance, joy and transformation. In order to transform your life in a positive way, you need to understand the power of your mind and value it like it is a treasure chest full of gold.

PRACTICE using your thought power to improve your life not destroy it.Pick a thought, an intention that you want to manifest in your life. With awareness and discipline, consistently keep this thought in the foreground of your mind. I encourage you to think 24/7 about what it is you desire, ask your angels and guides to help you dream about and visualize what it is you desire even in your sleeping hours. Do this consistently for the next 30 days and see if you notice a change in your life. Observe and be your own testimony.

Whatever we think about repeatedly becomes our intention. Add a little passion and energy to this intention and continually visualize the outcome. Now you have the recipe for your personal manifestation power as you experience the transformation for your life first hand. This process helps you to bring into physical form that which you desire because whatever you place your attention on becomes your reality.

Value your mind and its amazing power. Stay forever aware and alert! Use your innate powers wisely and you will always feel blessed.

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March 20th, 2017

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