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Don't allow negative thoughts to define you! This is something to think about because your answer definitely defines your outcome for today and quite possibly for your tomorrow. For those who want to reach their highest potential in 2017, you will need to make some positive changes for your life.

When you are down and feel like you are sliding backward, catch yourself and immediately think of something joyful like hundred dollar bills floating all around you. Visualize abundance all around you - just that thought brings a smile to your face.

When someone tries to make your life miserable because they are feeling miserable immediately recognize that this is their story. Smile knowing that your story is surrounded by sunlight and laughter because your goal is to reach your highest potential. Do not feed into another person's misery, their anger or hurt.

PRACTICE becoming an observer of your life! Recognize the warning signs and refuse to be an active participant in someone else's rain cloud. Learn to identify where your hurt and anger is coming from and let it go. Holding on to our anger and hurt stops us from loving and feeling loved.

When a negative thought surfaces, switch gears and allow beauty, laughter and joy to fill you and your life. That is how you make your moments memorable! It takes courage and strength but the rewards are endless because after all, you are the one who is preparing to reach your highest potential in 2017. I know you will achieve it too!

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March 27th, 2017

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