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Freedom of the mind, the body and the spirit begins on where you place your thoughts regularly. When you forget to move forward and only allow your thoughts to continually stay on your old story, you will constantly dwell only on those things that lie behind you and cause you stress. To enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace takes confidence; believing in you and your talents is key to your inner peace because if you do not trust and believe, you will lose the fight.

PRACTICE learning how to let go of the past as you arm yourself with one of the most powerful weapons on Earth-a healthy positive mind. Stop placing all your energy on what once happened and start thinking about your expectancy for a brighter tomorrow. You can only enjoy freedom of mind, body and spirit that results in inner peace, when you are ready to live in the present moment and prepare for your better tomorrow.

Self-confidence is a habit that needs to be cultivated daily. Keep a journal of all the good things you notice about yourself and continually nurture your good habits because they will lead to your personal freedom. Once you find your personal freedom from worry and doubt, you are better prepared to discover your personal inner peace.

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March 7th, 2016

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