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While some of you may not exactly understand the impact that your soul power, your intuition has on your emotional, spiritual and physical states of being, it is important to learn more about how this essential attribute can positively transform your life and your overall outcome in life.

As an intuitive specialist, I understand that in order to use your soul power effectively, you must first recognize what it is and how you can begin to facilitate it. Soul power can be defined as your intuitive consciousness, inner wisdom, or "sixth sense". As some of you may be aware, our unwillingness to tap into our inner wisdom is responsible for many resulting actions or failings in our lives. It is the "knowingness" that allows us to perceive and accurately formulate the appropriate call to action or steps in making the right choices in life.

PRACTICE to concentrate on how to tap into your intuition and allow it to reveal the light of greatness within you. When you do, you permit the knowingness of your authentic and sacred self to rise to the surface of your thoughts, your intentions, and your actions. Using your intuition deliberately will open many doors for you to achieve and live your life the way you want. In many cases, your heart's desires are often positive and healthy goals that you would like to manifest in this lifetime. It is through knowing your authentic self and then tapping into your intuition that you will be better prepared to achieve your Highest Potential.

As an intuitive specialist I am here to tell you that it is always a good idea to try a few, different ways to increase your level of higher consciousness. Some useful tips in tapping into your intuition include keeping a daily journal on your dreams, aspirations, and thoughts; practicing daily meditation to open you to deeper levels of awareness; and learning how to communicate with your Angels and Spirit guides who are always working for your best. Other ways to reveal your soul power, your intuition, that exists within you, can be accomplished through meditational CDs, seminars, or through assistance from an experienced intuitive specialist.

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May 2nd, 2016

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