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The privilege to enjoy your personal freedom is intertwined with the responsibility and duties that each one of us must adhere to in order to preserve that freedom. We are all born with the gift of Free Will and yet many people give that right over to others. If you are fortunate to live in a country that is free, you are born with certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away from you unless you abuse them, and again many people not only take those rights for granted but they abuse them too.

Today being Memorial Day in America is the perfect time to reflect on your personal freedom. Don't waste precious years putting off for tomorrow what you can enjoy and appreciate today. Cherish your freedom to enjoy your family and friends and respect your mind and body so they will serve you well.

PRACTICE taking full responsibility for your personal well-being! When things go right, take responsibility for what you are doing and when they need fixing and a course correction, take responsibility for your behavior and results. Your greatest blessings will be enjoyed and realized when you follow the Laws of the Universe and live them for your best good. Your real personal freedom is realized when you choose those actions or directions that will enhance your life today and in the future.

Living a life of joy and contentment does not mean you will avoid challenges or difficult times, but it will afford you the opportunity to live in a positive and constructive way when you choose to create the right attitude complimented with wisdom, courage and strength. Our Creator knows what we need to do to make our lives successful; however, we will not get there if we refuse to take responsibility for our own behaviors and attitudes.

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May 30th, 2016

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