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Sometimes people believe that they are successful only if they are rewarded for their efforts. They spend their lives measuring their contributions against their peers and others--how much money do they make and/or acquire and what job advancement are they seeking. That seems to be the old paradigm that many entrepreneurs and corporate executives have subscribed to in the past. Even our children seek out the rewards and praise from others instead of looking within and feeling their own personal gratification and worth. As a life coach, I can tell you, it has been all about the pressure of their environment that has driven them in the past.

As a life coach, I want you to know that if you truly want to transform your life for your highest, maybe it is time to slow down and look inwardly and while you are doing that, ask yourself the questions:

  1. What do I want to do that will bring me joy and allow me to feel fulfilled?

  2. What will I be proud of?

  3. What brings me great satisfaction, that when completed, I can step back and look at it with joy, knowing that no one can take it away from me?

PRACTICE shifting your thoughts from things you cannot control to things that you can if you really want to transform your life in a positive way. I believe it would be most rewarding to think about what you have achieved and accomplished in your life rather than placing your focus on the material results that you receive for efforts expended. Sometimes it is more about the energy, satisfaction and passion with which we experience in our lives and less about the money and "things" that we acquire. Be your own life coach and start teaching yourself what you truly value and desire to have for you to live your life successfully.

We don't really own all those material things that we crave; however, we do own our mind, body and our soul. We have our unique talents, our disciplines, our determination and our creative juices. The joy that you feel when you focus on those characteristic traits is priceless. So if you truly want to transform your life into a successful and rewarding experience and lifestyle, I suggest you take a time out and reflect on this message.

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May 8th, 2017

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