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Isn't it time to trust and allow your faith to increase your hopefulness for a better tomorrow? As you BELIEVE that you are not alone and that there is a God who is guiding your journey, you will become stronger and more resilient. None of us know what our future will bring but we do know that if we can live life with a strong faith in God and a strong understanding that we are not our obstacles or struggles then we can and will succeed. If you are troubled in life right now, understand that these situations are only experiences that you are encountering. They do not represent who you are and with time they will pass.

You can make it towards your better tomorrow if you continue to trust-believe and know that there is a way, that there is a plan and that God has not deserted you. Be mindful of that truth and ask God and the angels to give you the courage and might to push through the dark tunnel that you are facing.

PRACTICE shoring up your Belief system, reinforce your heart space by continuously making positive statement that will help you through your tough times. You cannot be toppled unless you allow weakness and limited thinking to defeat you. Just remember, we all have pain and suffering and loss in our lives mixed with challenges; however, only those who give up and give in are the ones who live in this state permanently. All of our shortcomings and problems are only temporary arrangements so fake it till you make it and keep your mind and heart steady and centered on your end results.

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November 17th, 2014

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