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Our bodies are a gift from the Divine! We are made up of a magnificent system that functions with precision and accuracy yet too often we abuse and ignore our bodies and the warning signs that it signals because of our lack of interest, concern or even due to our lack of basic knowledge. People who are looking for ways to heal their lives spend millions of dollars annually on drugs and medical care and even working out at the gym.

Most health care organizations are more focused on giving prescriptions to their clients than they are in exploring the root cause of the problem. You can heal your life in many aspects if you want to; however, it requires a great deal more effort then popping a pill daily. How many organizations do you know that are actually working towards prevention of illness-sickness or disease? Notice I say preventing not curing!

PRACTICE becoming pro-active for your life! Make time to listen to your body. It is continually trying to get your attention. Spend time telling your body how wonderful it is. Send it love and ask it to love you in return. It is our beautiful machine through which we are able to dance through life, that is, if we treat it with love and respect. Yes, you have the power within to heal your life if you are willing to put in the energy and the time.

A healthy body-mind and spirit is an equilateral triangle, it has all equal sides. It is a regular polygon. No one side is more important than the other and each one is dependent on the other. Honor and treat 'You' with respect and all of 'You' will love you back. That is the secret formula that will allow you to heal your life.

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November 21st, 2016

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