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Love is both a gift and a responsibility. So how do we love? If God so loved us that he willingly died for us, then we can learn much from His example and work on learning more about how to love each other. To heal your life requires you to feel and share love. It is impossible to truly live in joy and transform your life if you are unwilling to be open to give and receive love.

PRACTICE learning how to love yourself and others more fully. Practice love every single day; one loving act at a time will change your life and enable you to heal your life in numerous ways. To be better at loving means that we need to take action steps, such as, offer a smile to another, be willing to listen to a child or friend in a caring manner and even to be willing to offer a helping hand to some one who is carrying a burden. Don't look for love; instead, open your eyes and heart to see that it is all around you!

Are you getting prepared to make the most out of your life so as to transform in your life more love, joy and contentment? It is amazing that what the world needs the most, yet too often is thought of, as something foolish, is love. Anger, horror movies, extreme take out for personal gain is the mantra of the day. Those who seek great fame and fortune often turn a blind eye to the value and benefits that pure love possesses. In order to transform our personal lives and heal the world, and ourselves we need to spread and share love.

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November 27th, 2017

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