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Do you focus on what you want out of life or do you expend your energy on what you don't have? When used effectively, our minds can be a powerful tool to help us succeed in our lives.

Focusing on what you want opens you up to a greater awareness of how you can become more creative and in-tune to discovering the right path for you to follow.

When used effectively we can beam in on a specific point with remarkable clarity, moreover, we are better prepared to draw on an image of our heart's desire to create the reality that we want. If, for example, your center of attention is placed on the world news, gossip or negative thoughts, you will be drawing into your energy field those types of experiences. When you zero in on your goals and dreams with pure focus and laser vision, you are in a more productive state to create that which you are seeking.

Our laser vision enables us to concentrate on the right action that will lead us to shore up our thoughts and improve our state of mind, all of which is essential to fulfilling what it is we want to achieve.

Your center of attention must be on new positive possibilities, new ideas of creativity and new plans to implement so as to connect with your true purpose.

PRACTICE using laser vision and a focused center of attention for all that you hope to achieve for your life. The power of right thinking and positive energy mixed with your strong passion for success will bring about remarkable results. When you are completely aware of what and where you are placing your attention, you will see that your life is improving both internally and externally. Stay on the right path and soon you will realize that the destination you are seeking is right in front of you.

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November 3rd, 2014

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