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Isn't it time for you to fill yourself with confidence, love, respect and the wonderful sense of freedom where inner peace resides? When life gets tough and challenges you, don't cave in and move into a pity party. The enemy would love to see you weep in despair, anger and defeat. You are stronger than that! You may not feel comfortable or well-off in this moment; however, this is the time you need to boost up your mind, body and spirit and coach yourself to focus only on your desired outcome. When difficult times arise, boost yourself up and encourage yourself to stay strong. The power is within you; if you want to transform your life for your highest and best good, you must stay in faith, stay in hope and trust that you are definitely moving closer to the reality of your destiny. Don't let your past experiences of struggle and fear dictate your present moments or your future.

PRACTICE being your own life coach and continually fill your mind and heart with only upbeat and positive words. Be an optimist not a defeatist! Don't limit yourself; choose to transform your life by coaching yourself 24/7 with the right words and ideas that will lead you towards reaching your highest potentiality. Be encouraged and visualize all that you hope to receive for your life. Set yourself up to transform your life in an awesome way!

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November 6th, 2017

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