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What is it that you want the most of in life? Is it financial freedom, a healthy constitution or the prospect of finding a significant other? Did you know that you can design the outcome that you want? When you use your intuition wisely, it will guide you to the right course of action you must take to initiate the appropriate pathway to achieving your goals. The big question is: Do you believe it's time for you to create the change you are seeking so you can truly manifest your life the way you want?

More importantly, you must make a conscious decision in pursuing what it is you want to attain in your life. In addition to listening to your inner wisdom, which is your intuition, you must take an active stance in committing your energies into creating your anticipated result. Rewind for a second! Did you notice I said, "Anticipated result?" There is a distinct reason why you must "anticipate results". When you anticipate the outcome that you want, you will be simply amazed at how quickly your mind-frame gears into positive-thinking mode and subsequent action to realize your goals and your unlimited potential. This is the power you possess to manifest your life!

PRACTICE listening to the messages that your intuition is saying to you in the present time? If you've been paying attention, you know that in the here and now it's time to move forward. You do so, first by listening to your inner wisdom that ONLY speaks in a soft voice. Then you will know how to proceed. Your soul is not only the breeding ground for higher thinking, but it is the core of your being that drives you to aspire to higher ideals, and to greater heights in all spectrums of life. Yes, you can design your outcome and manifest your life. It all begins with you! Don't you think it's time?

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November 7th, 2016

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