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Ever wonder why supposedly bad things happen to good people? We automatically assume these circumstances are "bad". It's only human to assume this view; however, did you know that when things happen in our lives frequently they are influenced by Divine intervention. Frequently it is a way to get our attention. Your intuition speaks to you to create Divine intervention and if you are willing to explore how your intuition can work for you too, you could actually become your own intuitive expert.

A woman I know worked in retail management for several years, when an injury and subsequent illness put her into a wheelchair. She felt hopeless, depressed and even suicidal at times. Her finances were in dire straits, and her health continued to deteriorate. Just as she was about to give up on herself, she got inspired to do something completely different. By following her gut feeling, that is, her intuition, she found a new opportunity through her writing abilities. Before she knew it, her positive attitude and faith in God got her up out of the wheelchair and she published her first book. By paying attention to her intuitive talents, she started a new career. The field in which she worked never gave her the time to focus her attention on what she was meant to do in life. Her difficult situation and/or experience had turned out to be a silver lining. Remember, whenever a door closes, a window opens up for us.

Like the woman who had lost all but her hope, her intuition kicked in as she paid attention to her inner self, which offered her a better and more purposeful outcome. You can say through her down time, she paid attention and became her own intuitive expert.

PRACTICE putting your intuition to work for you. Challenges can be life's little blessings and our intuition can open new avenues to explore if only we are willing to pay attention. New and unchartered territory is not necessarily a bad thing; it can often be the gift that you have been praying for. Let your conscience, your inner powers be your guide, and as you become more of your own intuitive expert, your intuition will help you discover your untapped potential.

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October 10th, 2016

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