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The seasons have changed, the world is changing and so are you! How are you responding to that change? Are you going with the flow or do you buck it all the time and believe that it is your enemy? These are great questions to reflect upon as you observe what is happening all around you. Whether you agree or not, change can be very good for you and even healthy. It represents the unknown to many people and that, in itself, seems scary. If you are, however, able to change your point of view and look at your life as an adventure, you just might welcome change as well as enjoy the journey.

PRACTICE looking at change as an adventure that will bring to you a more satisfying experience. When you are able to look at change from a different perspective, you actually are better prepared to accept it and make the transition with ease.

Too often we stay stuck in the old paradigm and find it challenging and even overwhelming to face the change that is before us. I encourage you not to resist change because that only brings forth struggle and friction. Instead, acknowledge it, examine its pros and cons and then decide how you want to proceed. You just might be pleasantly surprised by what happens.

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October 12th, 2015

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