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How many times do we do things only to discover that our life isn't improving; we are working diligently at our tasks trying to get them right and hoping to make our lives successful but the end result is the same - It isn't working! Remember the old adage "If you take the same actions over and over again you will receive the same results." So again I ask: "What are you waiting for?" If you really want to change your outcome and even your life, you MUST change your plan of action, possibly your focus and agenda and even your point of view.

On our Facebook fan page, I received a comment from a friend who said: "Yes, but it takes work!" Let me be the first one to tell you that it ABSOLUTELY takes WORK!

Most of the work, however, starts on the inside and is realized on the outside. You need to clean and clear out your emotional house. When you awaken to that truth and become conscious as to where you are placing your attention, you will not only understand this message but allow it to transform your life.

PRACTICE being honest with yourself and your emotions. If you are an emotional basket case, you cannot feel at ease, you are not feeling safe or secure in your life and/or in your environment and certainly, you are not truly happy. Time to take a reality check? What are you waiting for? I offer many types of programs and some of my tools are free. Make it a practice to weekly learn something new that will improve your mindset, your emotional state and your overall good health. Stop waiting and hoping that your life will improve - make sure it will change by making the changes that will raise your vibration and energize you towards a better tomorrow.

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October 13th, 2014

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