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Sometimes, even when we've come to the seemingly lowest point in our lives, events happen to bring us back into proper alignment with the Universal Flow of Energy. What may seem devastating to one person may in all actuality be a "wake-up call" to make us aware of our surroundings and the potential that may exist.

A recent, seemingly tragic event transpired in the life of someone I know: An accidental fire swept through the home of a man who had literally built it with his own hands. When his neighbor urgently called to notify him of the fire, he sped to his home to find firefighters dousing what remained of his two-story brick house. While he was beside himself in grief, he soon learned that his wife was pulled from the house before the fire overtook her. Had the smoke not began to bellow from the rooftop, no one would've discovered that his wife had fallen into a near-diabetic coma on the couch. It was by the saving grace of the smoke that rescuers discovered her. The house, despite its physical ruin, held a sacred message for the man -- it was time to pay attention to his surroundings and to get in sync with the Universal Flow of Energy.

Is God sending you smoke signals? Our surroundings are not just the physical environment in which we dwell and work - our surroundings are what we create. If you are in tune with the Universal Flow of Energy, your intuitive talents will clue you in on potential situations, and about the people with whom you are in contact. Sometimes, when things are not in proper alignment, the Divine powers that be will intervene in our lives to awaken us. The good news, however, is that we don't have to wait for "smoke signals" to get our attention; we can begin honing into our intuition and becoming our own intuitive expert for our lives right now.

PRACTICE looking in the mirror and see what your reflection is telling you. Are you ideally aware of what is happening all around you with your family, teammates, partners? Are you in tune with those you love and for whom you care? When we become our own intuitive expert and use our intuition in our daily lives, we tend to see more clearly the bigger picture, and are better prepared to hear the profound messages that our sixth sense is telling us. Don't wait for God to send you smoke signals, your Divine Intuition is telling you to wake up now and connect with your surroundings for your best results.

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October 17th, 2016

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