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Many people have the misconception that they are the only ones with experiences that cause deep pain or defeat yet if the truth be known, we all have pain and suffering and loss in our lives mixed with challenges. This is not the time to move into doubt or distraction. All of our shortcomings and problems are only temporary arrangements. They can, however, become permanent when we choose to wallow in that state of victim and defeat.

Because of the bounce back qualities in your spirit, you can absolutely become stronger, more creative and resilient to reprogram your mind and become better prepared to withstand your hard and painful times.

PRACTICE keeping your energy high! Opportunities come and go but they always come back multiplied when we BELIEVE that it is possible. You cannot be toppled unless you allow weakness and limited thinking to defeat you. Pray for courage, wisdom and strength. Those three characteristic traits are values in action that will bring you through all of your life's challenges if you live by their premises for your higher purpose.

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October 19th, 2015

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