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Studies show that on average, 70 to 80 percent of the adults in our world think about the same thoughts EVERY DAY for months and years--so no wonder they feel stuck!

The mind tends to be obsessive, neurotic and repetitive. Too many people go through life without thinking. Their behavior and actions are mechanical. That is when they know they are in the preverbal rut. If you are one of those individuals, I encourage you to take back control over your thoughts and begin to empower yourself so you are better prepared to transform your life.

We sometimes think that change will trigger stress and anxiety, but very often the opposite is true; stress and frustration can be caused by our dull routine and lifestyle. Change just might be the antidote that you have been looking for without even realizing it. If you are one who wants to transform your life, then you need a change of pace, a change of surroundings and/or a change in priorities could be the best medicine needed for your personal survival.

If you are unhappy about where you are right now, then I ask you to...

PRACTICE doing something different today! Think outside your box as you continue to empower yourself to thrive. Start off with small baby steps. Maybe you need to take a different route to work, or stay late at work to finish a task. Possibly try changing your hairstyle or plan a different kind of vacation. You get the idea. Think in unconventional ways and get excited about empowering yourself to try something different that will give you a new perspective on how you perceive your daily activities.

When you gain a new perspective to your life, you open your mind to new and different approaches to problems in an innovative way. Doors open that never seemed possible before. Doing the same thing day in and day out can dull your senses and cause you to break down mentally and physically over time.

What are the benefits of breaking your routine? They are numerous but for starters, you will receive a fresh outlook on life and to me that is priceless. You cannot transform your life when you are stuck in the same thought processes that have kept you stuck in the first place. I encourage you to use your imagination to get creative and make the changes needed to make a difference for your life.

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October 23rd, 2017

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