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We all have what I call dark tunnels to walk through at some time during our lives. Whether it is because of a state of depression, a serious illness or a relationship breakup, we become disconnected with others and life in general.

When life throws us a curve ball, it is easy to lose perspective and move into a victim state or one of hopelessness as you become emotionally defeated.

If you are interested to manifest in your life and be able to transform your life in this lifetime, you must learn to nourish your hopes and not your problems or pain. If you can shine a light in the darkness, you will soon discover that things can and will change quickly according to how much light you allow in.

PRACTICE self-control over your thoughts and perception. If we are not careful, our negative thinking can lead us into a deeper state of doubt and pitch us into a worse level of gloom and darkness. Without questions, there are times when everything seems dark and it's a bitter pill to take, but I stand on the promise that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and you can absolutely transform your life. No matter what is happening today, I encourage you to stand firm in hope for your life and believe that if you will try to find inspiration in something or some one who can be a positive impact on your life, you will be better able to find light in your life which will lead you towards manifesting in your life.

A new perspective will create a new response in you as you cultivate a new and improved outlook on your life. Feeling afraid is easy; being brave and courageous is harder. To help you on your journey, ask your Creator and His Power Angels to stand with you, protect you, encourage you and help you become more empowered to live your life for your best. Most people want to transform their lives but for that to happen, you must stay conscious, be willing to do your work so that you can and will clear your energy field and then be open to change, grow and awaken to all that you need to do to manifest your life to the fullest.

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October 24th, 2016

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