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When you remember the good things in your life, your energy shifts, your spirits rise and your life improves because you are beginning to transform your life for the better. So why do so many people always see their glass as half empty? More often than not it is because they have programmed their minds, their thinking patterns to only focus on the problems, the challenges that they are continually faced with. The truth of the matter is, when you focus on problems, more problems appear and that only confirms that your life is difficult.

Our lives will never be without difficulties or hardships but how we handle them will make all the difference in our attitude, behavior and the environment we choose to dwell within. If you are eager to transform your life and make it better you must transform your thinking patterns and beliefs to match what you are seeking.

PRACTICE talking about all the wonderful experiences you have enjoyed in your life and continue to build on those thoughts! It is through our willingness to re-program our minds and change our habits that we can and will enjoy a better perspective on life, which in turn will enable us to transform our lives one day at a time. People discount all the sayings and quotes about positive thinking that are shared daily as silly and not beneficial; however, if you are willing to become your own testimonial and change your thoughts for 30 days, you will soon discover a shift in your belief system, an improved sense of living and a happier and healthier attitude. Isn't it time to speak to all the great things that have been a part of your life?

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September 12th, 2016

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