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Most of us perk up when we discover ways to heal our lives! I for one would rather explore a way to release my stress and anxiety level through my own efforts rather than ingesting pills. Would you like to enjoy a greater sense of inner peace as you heal your life?

Journal writing has been around and recorded as an ancient tradition since the 10th century in Japan and history has shown that numerous famous personalities since that time have kept journals. So how can it benefit you and your well-being? I know that when I have taken the time to write in my journal, I have gained clarity in my thoughts and a better understanding of the emotions that keep me paralyzed. It has enabled me to identify in depth my deepest feelings, my strongest concerns and my most difficult limiting beliefs that have been keeping me stuck. All of those benefits lead to a far greater accomplishment, which is, allowing me to reduce my stress level and calm my nerves so I can experience a calmness and better sense of inner peace. As I write out my problems and concerns, I have also found that I am better prepared to unlock emotions, or thoughts that have stopped me from enjoying my best life yet.

PRACTICE writing in your beautiful journal in the evening before you go to sleep because it will benefit you in ways that will heal your life. Your emotions have a voice and you need to listen to them and build an intimate relationship with them. That is how you heal your life and purify from all the heavy burdens of the past. In addition, as you are writing, it enables you to make room and space for what you want to create in your life right now. It is definitely one of the best forms of therapy!

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September 19th, 2016

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