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Labor Day is always the first Monday in September; it was started in America as a creation of the labor movement and a tribute to the contributions made by our hard working people.

For many, it represents only another day off and signifies the end of summer fun. But in truth, it should cause us to pause and reflect on all the benefits and blessings we receive daily in order to live our lives for our highest potential.

PRACTICE being grateful to all those who are in the service industry; many have to work on our holidays to keep us safe and protected and often go unnoticed. We all want a better tomorrow for our children and ourselves, as we strive to reach our highest potential.

I also encourage you to take a moment and express appreciation for all the reasons you work. One of the most valued reason of all is that it affords you the freedom to reach your highest potentialand I for one am grateful for that truth.

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September 5th, 2016

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